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Camila´s scientific research focuses on understanding the ecology of plants in different types of tropical forests, which she has had the opportunity to also illustrate. In particular, she has worked in lowland tropical wet forests in Panama, and montane and dry tropical forests in Colombia. Tropical forests are extremely complex, artistically challenging, and beautiful. Plants and animals depicted in these illustrations are species typical of each type of forest. Above, an illustration of a tropical dry forest. The gallery below includes illustrations of mangrove forest, lowland tropical wet, and montane tropical forests. 

Tropical forest and epiphytes big no Megan
Forest of Barro Colorado Island (BCI), Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (gap in the forest ha
Chagas disease meeting, Universidad de los Andes 2002_edited
Poster for ARTS project Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Heliconius path011
Biodiversity day at Galeta, Smithsonian Research Tropical Institute
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